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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Griffin's Silver Jubilee

1st December 2007 marks the celebration of Griffin Scout Troop's 25th Anniversary, in conjunction with the centenary celebration of Scouting world wide. 100 years ago, Scouting was born in the hands of Lord Robert Stephenson Baden-Powell. Today, it is the largest global youth movement with 28 million Scouts, youth and adults, boys and girls, in 155 countries. And I'm proud to be a part of it.

Preparation started in June 2007, but the campfire committee had a lot of ups and downs, much of it due to the fact that majority of the members are either in NS or are having exams/'A' levels. When it came to the final stretch, effectively we only had two weeks to prepare the real stuff.

On the day itself, all of us really stretch ourselves to the limit.

Souvenir committee working, and eventually presenting unique souvenirs individualised for each troop, guest, and award.

Campfire chairman, Yuankai (right) with his band of brothers, who were all set to give a wonderful performance that night.

The 'gateway' seen in the background consists of two towers and a wide gateway with a converging visual effect. Kudos to the gateway com for working through the whole night and that day itself.

It is later decorated with banners, individualised for each troop that came. Great pieces of masterworks by Serene and her committed team of artist who stayed in school for a couple of nights to work on them.

The firepit committee with their own piece of work showing the numbers '2' and '5'. It was to be seen as '25' from either side of the pit. Thanks to Tat Lin, Badruddin and their team for all the hard work.

Soon, troops started arriving.

Picture 005
And the campfire ground started to fill up.

And not long after, our Guest of Honour, Margaret Anderson, District Commissioner of Clementi arrived and declared the campfire open!

Picture 022
What a blaze!

It was then showtime for our two dearest Emcees, Jason and Changci to get the show started!

With Cheers!

Picture 053
And of course, songs and games. Even special performances by CTSS guides and Serangoon Eagles!

It was believed to be the longest campfire any troop has organized, but perhaps also one of the most fun and enriching. All guests were treated to a feast of assorted pizzas for refreshment at the end of the campfire. Not bad eh? Sorry ar, no pictures since everyone was busy eating. Haha...Refreshments were arranged solely by our dear Janson. Kudos!

It was also a time for the 'oldies' to catch up on the past and current. And here's the 'old' boys and girls of Griffin.

And of course, a final shot of the Griffin Family! With many more to come. Special thanks to the two teachers, Betty and Kamal, who have been shuffling here and there for the whole day!

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