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This blog will address mainly two issues - Nature and Scouting.

The purpose of Nature blogs is to educate and promote the awareness of Singapore’s and global environmental and conservation issues to the public and the Scouting community. The Scouting-related blogs serve the similar purpose by promoting the World’s largest youth movement and its activities to the public.

This blog was created thanks to the persistent demands of all my dear friends to blog, and on my 25th birthday, this blog was born.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Griffin Ventures' CJ Walk (22 Dec 07)

The Ventures (Scouts between age of 15-18) have been wanting to go CJ for a very long time, but just couldn't find a date. And of course, NParks' intertidal walk is always full. This time round, they decided to take the boardwalk, and I was asked by Wilson to guide them.

Earlier in the morning was our campfire debrief and after lunch at Long John, we made our way from the west to the east. Once reaching Changi Village, the rain came... and we decided to wait it out abit. Soon enough, we were on board the bumboat to ubin, and immediately hoped on a van to CJ.

Ride to CJ

Griffin Ventures

This was a chance for me to practice my guiding skills before the next public guiding, so I brought the Ventures through the same path. Here goes the journey.

The start of the journey...

Looking at fish tail palm and...

Sea almond and...

Sea lettuce.

Walking along and looking down. I realised boardwalk is better for mid-level tide, rather than low tide. As at low tide, you miss out alot on the swimming critters that seek shelter below the boardwalk.

The front and rear beacon. Notice that the line of sight for the rear beacon has been cleared. Usage of beacons - when the tips of the triangles are aligned, ships are able to pin-point their position on their navigation map. *Correct me if I'm wrong.

Looks like water spouts forming over the water in the distance.

View of the seagrass lagoon from the boardwalk at low tide.

Half-way through, the rain came again. But the Ventures decided to brave the 'drizzle' and continue with the journey.

Meeting the attap seeds' 'parents' for the first time for them.

And up we go...

For the beautiful overview of CJ. And as we were coming down the tower, the guard called out to us. Little did we realised that it was already 6pm! Out we rushed and our van uncle was already waiting for us with his doors open. Efficient service!

We went on to have a wonderful dinner at the seafood restaurant that Ria always bring us to. And of course the fried sotong was a snatch as usual. Soon the time came and we bid farewell to the beloved island, but sure to return another day.

And the Ventures did have a lot of memories and much to talk about.

*Photos courtesy of Wilson and myself.


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