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This blog will address mainly two issues - Nature and Scouting.

The purpose of Nature blogs is to educate and promote the awareness of Singapore’s and global environmental and conservation issues to the public and the Scouting community. The Scouting-related blogs serve the similar purpose by promoting the World’s largest youth movement and its activities to the public.

This blog was created thanks to the persistent demands of all my dear friends to blog, and on my 25th birthday, this blog was born.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


23 August 2008 marks the LEAP. Not having little froggies hopping around, but rather L.E.A.P - Leading Expeditions: A Problem?

L.E.A.P. is the first networking and resource sharing platform that Youth Expedition Project (YEP) is organizing specially for student leaders who are keen to embark on the journey of leading teams abroad for Overseas Community Service Projects.

A huge crowd of 110 youth leaped on down to *Scape Youth Centre for the event!

They were treated to a feast of experiences and information from YEP alumni and staff. It started off with a simple ice breaker by Jared. Having spilt the participants into countries of their interest or involvement, the youth not only exchanged names but also information and experiences with each other. There was so much to discuss that they had to be stopped for the next segment.

First up was the all time experienced and familiar Mr. Goh Ann Tat (Below left). "Why take the LEAP? - Are you there to save the world?" was his focus. His informative and interesting presentation sure got everyone start thinking of their journey.


Next it was a sharing session by ex-leaders Jonathan and Boon Kian (Above right) on their project, " Project First Step" which was done last year. Plenty of photos flashed across the screen and captivated the participants for sure.

Most important part was up next - Tea Break!! Oops, should I say Networking Tea Break. The word 'Networking' should be more important, also considering the fact that it comes before the words' Tea Break' or not in parenthesis. Enough said, photo speaks louder than words.

Intermission over and it's sharing Part II. Khariyah shared her project (Amor) experience and things that you will come across and learn throughout the project. It was really nice to have someone speaking so passionately.

Next up was me for Project Sirius... and I must say it was not well done. Didn't have time to do any ppt, so I marked down on a piece of paper what I wanted to touch on and shared. Lesson learnt for me... but I was right in one thing - no one in the room was going to do projects on conservation and environment. After asking the participants and receiving a null response, I turned and looked at Dawn and Shu Hui and said, "See... I told you so!" and we bursted out laughing. Of course, the publicity for such projects started, with the indication of the article I wrote for the first YEP journal.

Up next was a YEP veteran, who has led 7 projects - Jared, along with Zheng Ping, another experienced leader. They talked about the Guerrilla Guide and Expedition.SG. They also shared on the various resources and yahoo groups that are available. No doubts they are the YEP professionals.

Last but not the least, YEP sharing on application process, training & resources and the new mentorship programme. Interestingly staged, Dawn, Shu Hui, Siti and Yasmin put up a skit to intrigue the audience. A breath of fresh air I must say!

All in all, the presenters put up a good show and I'm sure the participants enjoyed and benefited from it. So I can conclude that the goal of YEP - 'Return Richer', was met.