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The purpose of Nature blogs is to educate and promote the awareness of Singapore’s and global environmental and conservation issues to the public and the Scouting community. The Scouting-related blogs serve the similar purpose by promoting the World’s largest youth movement and its activities to the public.

This blog was created thanks to the persistent demands of all my dear friends to blog, and on my 25th birthday, this blog was born.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The day I went CJ without camera...

Naked Hermit Crabs had another Chek Jawa guided walk yesterday (7 Oct). It's the first time we tried out walk-ins along with pre-booked groups. It's good news that people did find out about the walk from the website and came along! Yay!

Much to my hurry to get out of the house... I forgot all about my camera... The first time that I went for a nature walk trip without my camera! I should shoot and kill myself. The sightings today was numerous... the mass blooming of wild ixoras and some hoya climbers, the jellyfishes and 'martian' squids, loads of fishes - big & small, mud lobster (Damn it..!) etc... Luckily, the others were as usual, equipped with their 'shooters'.

All in all, a great day with good weather and plenty of sightings, and thanks to Ria, Ley Kun, Ron, Chay Hoon and July for providing me with new knowledge again. Arghh... I will always hate myself for this and I'm sure I'll never forget about my camera again after this trip - ever. Period.

Here is a link to the day's event.
Naked Hermit Crabs: http://nakedhermitcrabs.blogspot.com/2007/10/cj-boardwalk-tours-on-7-oct-2007.html
Tider Chaser: http://tidechaser.blogspot.com/2007/10/mud-lobster-crab-spider.html

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