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This blog was created thanks to the persistent demands of all my dear friends to blog, and on my 25th birthday, this blog was born.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scout Youth Forum, Tokyo - 14th Oct 07

P1040206Today is the second day of the discussions and also the second last day of the forum. Time seems to fly by and I can't get enough of it. As usual, many were still drowsy in the morning so Edward called upon our dear Huggy Panda, Muhd to brighten the day. He led the rest to do 'Chek Chek Goleh', an action song that a lot of Singapore Scouts always do. And sure enough it did the job.

P1040212The third topic for me was partnership. Interesting topic as we started off by sharing our NSOs' partnership with other organizations. From there, we analyzed four aspects of it – 'What is Partnership?', 'What is it for?', 'With whom?' and 'How to sustain it?'. It was one of the most productive sessions so far.

P1040220After the session was lunch and of course the cultural games and activities as usual. Before we started our discussion topics. Our host played a a little Japanese trivial game with us. They would ask a question and the participants would have to choose sides, either true or false. I survived till the last question and I got knocked out... Damn...

P1040227Then came the last discussion session of the whole forum. Once again, I had chosen a topic that I knew a lot – Scouts of the World Award. It was something that Muhd and I had spent so much of our time building up the programme in Singapore, from nothing to a base with awardees in less than two years. The discussion was very fruitful as all the participants were keen to find out about the award. I really appreciate the two gentleman from Mongolia who took the effort to look for me during the break time to understand more about the programme. I guess APR should make use of this fresh opportunity to fully push forward the award to the region. I'm all out for it!

P1040239Tonight was to be a fun night. After dinner, we gathered once again. This time not for games or activities but fun. We were having our outing whereby our hosts will bring us out to places in Tokyo depending on the choices we made. We could choose between Tokyo tower, Tokyo government building, 100 yen shop, Ronpongi, Shibuya and a couple others. I chose Shibuya and was allocated together with 3 other Thai Scouts (Fah, Ploy and John), led by Mica, our tour guide.

P1040238We went on the subway, which is a crazy maze of trains, either private or government owned. Then after some navigation by our guide, at last we reach Shibuya. Guess what?! I saw the statue of the loyal dog, Hachiko, and it striked the back of my head that I've seen it on TV before. It was a programme introducing Japan and it mentioned about the dog. It was named the loyal dog because the story goes that many years ago Hachiko waited at the subway station faithfully for his master who never returned.

P1040246We continue to visit the strips of shopping areas but sadly the timing wasn't right and most of the shops were already closing. At least we did snap a lot of photos and experience KFC in Japan. One main thing I realised is that Japanese girls are able to withstand the cold much better than guys, in the name of fashion at least as you can see them wearing outfits and dresses that will turn heads around, and perhaps cause traffic accidents in Singapore. Too bad no photos of them cause I wouldn't want to get labeled as a stalker in Japan...

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