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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pulau Semakau with Dr Dan & students and Commonwealth youths

Today was another great day! Not only without rain, but bright and sunny - perfect for an intertidal walk on Semakau. This time with Dr Dan, Dr Stan (his blog here) and his students from Duke University, and a group of Commonwealth youths from Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives and Sri Lanka, hosted by National Youth Council.

Too bad I left my camera in my office... so no photos this time. The group I guided was lucky enough to see quite a fair bit as the tide was rising by the time we reached the shores. Hairy crabs, fan worms, corals (duhz...), sponges (another duhz...), nudibranch (yay!), seagrasses (better mentioned or else...) and many more. But the highlight got to be the Knobbly sea star! Apparently only Marcus's and my group saw it. Thanks to Alvin who is our hunter-seeker today!

The trip was fruitful and definitely enjoyable. During the boat trip back, everyone started to pen down what their experience for today either in words or drawings. Wow... you should see the art work. Hopefully Ria manages to scan all 40+ drawings and puts it up somewhere and then I'll link it here. I'll link up any blogs featuring this trip too.

One of the participants wrote a beautiful poem about the trip. Problem is... it's in Chinese and I can't put it up here. Damn... Anyone can put it up? I can sms you the text. Haha...

Here's the post of Dr Dan's previous trip to Semakau.

Update: (Thanks to Ria!!)
Details of the trip today!
Some of the participants' after-thoughts here.
Our Honorary Naked Hermit Crab, Dr Dan.

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