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Monday, March 10, 2008

Minister on the Shore! (Semakau Walk)

This was the sight of Marina South Pier prior to the boat ride for a Semakau walk.

As Semakau began its new season of walks recently, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Environment and Water Resources, together with his family and friends joined in. Along with the members of the public, we set off for the island.

We got on a special VIP boat (thanks to the Minister =D). And with an open deck, everyone was all so excited. Only till the rain poured on us just as we reached the island.

Nevertheless, with the short introduction to Semakau and exhibit tour in the NEA building, the rain soon gave way to a relatively clear and fair weather.

While the minister's family was gearing up for the walk, we chanced upon this light-hearted moment that is seldom seen - Dr. Ibrahim (centre) helping his son take off a boot that was stuck.

While the rest of the participants headed out first to for the landfill tour, LK and RY showed the guests around the visitor centre - in & out.

Soon the van came and we continued with the landfill tour to the end of the 7km road, before heading back to the entrance of the forest.

While walking through the forest, despite the mosquitoes, LK showed the family some of the flora of Semakau.

And another light-hearted moment. When will you ever get a Minister to pose for you?!

It was then time to head on down to the shores. Most of the participants were already far out by the time we reached.

Across the seagrass lagoon and onto the coral rubble area, we were accompanied by beautiful scenery.

By following the flags planted by the hunter-seekers, we found trails of wonderful critters. The children was getting more and more hyped-up.

Trying to get in touch with Nature, but only those that can be touched as indicated by lead guide RY.

They were looking at everything they could land their hands on closely, and took countless of shots of them.

Look at the joy on their face with their first encounters.

The sea cucumber family!

Soon it was dark, and the groups started to head back. While walking back, many took one last chance to peep at the critters that pop up after dark, like the octopus.

Here they found a tidal pool with corals, and I found noticed a fish (either stonefish, scorpion fish or frogfish) hiding in a crevice after they left. A least Dr. Ibrahim saw it. Hahaha...

That ended our walk and we 'ran' through the mosquito forest once again, hopped on the bus back for our boat back. That's the end of a Semakau trip. Tiring but definitely exciting. Watch out for the next post for the critter list!


SY said...

The photo with Dr Yacob and family holding the sea cucumber is damn cute! lol

I so regretted changing my mind going there :(

SJ said...

Yea. Usually the public only see the serious side of things - now, there is a lighter side revealed. It was great fun with Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim and his family.

I just hope I don't get any letters or call from ISA... Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

naturescouter.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever. http://bit.ly/bllhx1