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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tree Climbing at Pasir Ris Park

The tree climbing crabs are back again!! The same bunch of Naked Hermit Crabs who conquered trees in Kent Ridge are back out to terrorize the trees in Pasir Ris Park!

The weather couldn't be better - both sunny and windy, just by the beach.

Everyone was like panicking at the last minute to revise all the knots required to set up the system. Some people (I shall not name who. Haha...not many live in Boon Lay so make a guess.) even spent all the time we had while traveling on the train from Boon Lay to Pasir Ris!

We were required to set up the system in 13 minutes and ascend in 7 minutes. Setting up includes throwing, hoisting the rope and tying the knots. Chee Kong and I were first up. I was lucky enough to get mine set up fast while Chee Kong's weight pouch went diving into the sea - I guess he was attempting to fish by knocking them unconscious with the weight pouch.

Went up too fast, so here's the only shot of me at the top. The rest of the time I was busy snapping photos away at everyone.

Cheeky Chee Kong trying to be funny while putting on his harness, and I caught this. Hahaha...

Ascending up. Hmmm... seems like the belayer can't be bothered about CK.

Kissing the tree at the top. Not too intimate or else girlfriend jealous wor.

July was up next. Erm... after tying his knots... Oops!

Ascending, and someone cheated by standing on a lower branch to gain leverage...

Guess he can't be bothered as long as he's at the top.

Helen is a 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'. She never revised the knots at all, and without looking at the notes, she tied the knots within minutes... She should come join Scouts. Haha...

Ascending. It seems like all belayers can't be bothered with their climbers. Thanks god this ain't rock/sports climbing...

And with tremendous speed never seen before, Helen reached the top like in record time. Indeed a master-in-disguise...

It was then Juan Hui's turn. All hail the monkey from NParks (I'm so dead!).

Soon she was at the top. But she refused to take our offering of an orange... perhaps she still prefer bananas... Oh wait! We wouldn't want to get fined right? Hehe...

While Juan Hui was climbing, Chee Kong ascended the other tree and began shooting us from the top of the tree. That's what is called a bird's eye view.

Last but not the least, Tiong Chin!

Just about 2-3 metres off the ground, he already had to stopped for a break of water!! Can't blame him - He was such a gentleman to help Valerie (Main instructor) change her punctured tire before climbing. She ought to let him pass on that account!

See what Tiong Chin has to go through!!

And here's Tiong Chin at the top!

Secretly at one side, Chee Kong was trying to learn all the secrets of knot tying from one of the instructor.

The climbing wasn't all. We were then tested our theory in pairs. Like shout commands, environmental factors, hazards and safety precautions. But like what Valerie said, we all passed with flying colours!

After packing some stuff and a short break, we bidded the instructors farewell. But surely to join them for event facilitation someday!

Just as we walked out to Tiong Chin's car, we spotted something beautiful.

A tree full of wild Pigeon Orchids (Dendrobium crumenatum) in bloom! It was said that usually the orchid would bloom after a heavy rain (sudden drop in temperature). Why called the Pigeon Orchid? Apparently the flower bud looks like a miniature pigeon.

Short but a cool day! Very tired too... thanks to four days of constant activities! But I'll never give it up for anything in the world for sure!

PS: Thanks Tiong Chin for giving us a ride back home! PRP to Boon Lay is damn far...


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