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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sumatran Rhino Conservation Project (NYC-YEP)

In 2003, I was part of a committee that organized a humanitarian project (Project Horizon)to build a single-storey community library in a village in Laos. This project was known as a Youth Expedition Project (Then under the wings of Singapore International Foundation. It is now under National Youth Council). It was after that project, I decided to embark on YEPs and lead projects focusing on Environment/Conservation issues.

After a couple of years of constant contacts hunting and several fruitless attempts , finally my 'dream' was fulfilled in June 2007. I was involved in a National Youth Council - Youth Expedition Project (YEP). Together with my team of Rovers from Singapore Scout Association (SSA), and in cooperation with SOS Rhino Borneo, we went on a Sumatran Rhino Conservation Project in Sabah. This project was known as Project Sirius - Rovering with Rhinos.

Preparation started in Feb 2007, and the 2-weeks overseas project was carried out from 12 to 26 June 2007. This part of the project required us to build a base camp at the border of the reserve, and also to interact with the locals to understand their lifestyle while living so close to Nature. This very much needed base camp serves as a rest-point for the rhino field researchers, and doubles-up as a guardpost. Eventually the project officially ended in Sep 2007 with a post-event.

The following is the hard work of a fellow team mate of mine, Shamir. He painstakingly put together a 'documentary' of our whole expedition to Sabah. It would be a waste if his efforts are only viewed by those of our team. So here's to share it with all! Enjoy! Feel free to leave any comments!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

This is the completed basecamp as of Jan 2008, and in use. We did not manage to complete the whole building (only about 1/2 to 2/3 of it, in just 6 days) during the expedition. The staff continued to work on it and in Jan, I received the photographs from them.

Thanks to NYC, SSA and all fellow Scouters for making this happen. And of course, not forgetting the whole team (Aru, Kangwei, Wilson, Austin, Yizhen, Shamir, Dickson, David, Sox) for going through the ups and downs together. Cheers!


SY said...

Wa, sounds like an exciting project! Looking forward to ur updates.

SD said...


SJ said...

Thanks. Well I wouldn't say it's lucky. Everyone can do it, you just need commitment - just as in any other things.

YEPs exposes youth to both local and overseas situations of various issues, of which I'm focusing on environment/conservation as of now.

Well, perhaps you can join me in a YEP some other time. I'm have plans to continue YEPs for a few more years - already have a few contacts on hand.

Added a photograph of the completed basecamp. Cheers!

SD said...

Yes that would be great. Actually, I have been on a YEP, and was supposed to lead another team, but the funds got diverted after the tsunami, so the second trip didn't materialise. I would be very interested in more YEPs.