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This blog was created thanks to the persistent demands of all my dear friends to blog, and on my 25th birthday, this blog was born.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

News Flash - Sentosa, Schools To Jointly Restore Primary Forest

Decided to put up another label called News Flash, describing any relevant issues. And here's the first.

TODAY (Pg. 8), Tuesday, 20 November 2007.

"The Sentosa Leisure Group is embarking on a project to restore a primary forest on the resort island for the first time. It will invest an initial $200,000 to kick off its efforts and has roped in 150 pupils to help write this green chapter in the history books.

With guidance from Sentosa and nature experts, nine schools have adopted plots across 12 to 15 hectares to grow native plant species from around the region.

Sentosa's nature reserve now comprise essentially secondary coastal forests, some of which are rather sparse and low in quality, resulting from historical clearing of the forest in the early 19th Century."

Hmmm... restoring primary forest? Is it possible to restore a primary forest other than just letting nature take its course? Once you touch it, doesn't it just become another secondary patch...? Just wondering...

Description of primary forest from Greenfacts:
Primary forests are forests of native tree species, where there are no clearly visible indications of human activities and the ecological processes are not significantly disturbed.


budak said...

think ecologist Richard Corlett (HKU) mentioned at a talk last year that we know so little about what makes a primary forest tick and what are its constituents (including the vital fungi and microfauna in the soil), so how can people even think about trying to 'recreate' a primary forest once it's gone.....

SJ said...

True indeed. We have only exposed what's on the surface and possibly will never discover all there is. Best way is to conserve. Prevention is eventually better than cure.

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