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Friday, November 2, 2007

Naked Hermit Crab at Wildlife Stampede

A stampede was going on today, but not the Africa one. It's a Wildlife Stampede with world renowned Dr Jane Goodall. It was her who has been my inspiration to maybe one day work with primates, particular with my favourite Orang Utan.

Naked Hermit Crabs were at Botanic's Children Garden to witness the event. As we soon came to realised... we're a little over-aged... seeing all the kids around... Well, who cares! We were there to have fun! And here's a shot of the crabbies

From left to right - November, July, Me, Chay Hoon, May and Marcus.

And here's our naked butts! (Both pictures courtesy of July)

We all then gathered around the starting point to await our special guest and soon enough, she arrived.


Have been reading about Dr Goodall for a long time, but seeing her in person is just a different and great feeling.

After a short message by the emcee and Dr Goodall, we started the wildlife stampede - a parade around the garden, which ended at the stage with a series of performances.

Here's a look at the 'wildlife' of the parade.

All dressed up in vibrant colours.


A cute little turtle and ...

Here's the little guy in that costume.

Mr Crocky

Spidey and Duckie

Cats and Zebras in harmony

Giant Doves






Camel and a penguin following behind

Bees and a little butterfly. Of course there were alot more. Doubt I can fit everything in and I was too happy fooling around that taking pictures was not my top agenda. Haha...

Look at the huge crowd!

Eventually, the event ended around 7pm with a presentation to ten of the best dressed groups/individuals, which definitely did a great job. A long day and walk but all the crabbies had a great day out!!


SD said...

Why do you say "maybe"? Work with them! I'm working with primates (Slow Lorises), similarly inspired by Dr.Goodall, (and by George Schaller as well but that's another story) and Dian Fossey. You're interested in Orangutans, and you've got a 3rd "Leakey's Angel" in Dr. Birute Galdikas! Go for it! Non-human primates are in desperate need of help(although many people will beg to differ when it comes to the long-tailed macaques).

SJ said...

Heh thanks. Most probably I'll be doing my MSc some time down the road, but have yet to choose my subject. Orangutans would no doubt come in mind. Well, for now I just seek exposure. Maybe we can meet up in NUS for a chat someday since I'm gonna start work there soon. I suppose you might know Kok Sheng too? =D

SD said...

I've seen him once only, more familiar with Siyang and Dingli. And yes, we should meet up for a chat someday!

I'm blogging at natureoverman.blogspot.com!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!