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Saturday, April 12, 2008

TeamSeagrass at Chek Jawa

I've been to and been counting every single TSG's CJ trip. This is trip no 7. In my notebook's folder, 'TSG-Chek Jawa' subfolders are slowly accumulating.

Another early morning trip with the usual beautiful sunrise.

With Vyna taking the lead, we all gathered and off we proceed to Ubin and then CJ. Siti and Ria then began with the usual briefing and distribution of the equipment.

I led site 1 group down and this was a nice shot taken from beneath the boardwalk.

A wide view of the seagrass lagoon.

Jerald was my buddy once again. And being used to working with each other, we cleared the transect in record time! And off we went exploring.

Here, in my usual style, is the critter list:

A round and spiky sponge.

Another sponge, but with a nice yellow and green cover.

This one is really spiky. Urchin, Salmacis sp..

Noble Volute, Voluta nobilis

Warty sea cucumber, Colochirus quadrangularis

Carpet anemone, Stichodactyla haddoni

Flowery soft coral, Dendronephthya sp.

Banded beads anemone, possibly Anthopleura handi

Thunder crab, Myomenippe harwicki. This one had one claw missing. Ain't the red/green eyes beautiful?

Geographic seahare, Syphonota geographica

Sea stars! Left is a Biscuit seastar, Goniodiscaster scaber, and right is an orange Cake seastar, Anthenea aspera.

And these were spotted on our way back - Cotton Stainers, Dysdercus decussatus. Apparently, these were at the same location since two weeks ago as confirmed by a friend of mine who saw them then too.

Thanks to the long period of low tide and the fast monitoring, the good one hour of exploration was fantastic. I will always return to Chek Jawa - a heritage of all Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

ooo its like my 3rd time at CJ. (: thanks for being my 'mentor'.

anyways. i like the pic of the thunder crab, it looks like it's fiercely posing haha.


SJ said...

Hi Jerald. No problem and anytime. Cya around the shores soon again!

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